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We offer classes based on a Taoist Water Method style taught by Bruce Frantzis. This is a soft style that is very gentle and nurturing to the muscles and joints. There is strong promotion of balanced pulsation that helps solidify communication through the entire body. We utilize the breath and pulsation to move fluids to areas that are deficient to allow healing.

Chi Gong

Saturday 9:30 am | Tamarac Office

Discover the benefits of Chi Gung

If improved vitality, mental health stability, and spiritual awakening are important to you, then Chi Gung is what you’ve been looking for. Chi Gung, which is the English version of Qigong, is the art of developing all these things and more.

What chi gung can do for you

The three aspects in Chi Gung are form, mind, and energy, and we need all three to work in conjunction and be complete.

In order to effectively control your energy, it is said that you much enter what is called a “Chi Gung state of mind,” thus directing your energy flow anywhere throughout your body.

Learn more about the technique

Chi Gung uses breathing and slow, methodical body movements to develop Chi, thereby improving your health. Often confused with the art of Tai Chi, Chi Gung uses slower body movements and places more emphasis on developing the “Chi.” The benefits include gained strength, improved health, or even reversing the effects of a disease. It’s also used to become more connected with nature and the universe. Chi gung literally translates into breath or energy skill, and many medical practitioners believe this breathing and exercise could improve your health.

Tai Chi

Saturday 10:30 | Tamarac Office

Discover the Benefits of Tai Chi 

Tai Chi (Taiji) is the one exercise that can universally help solve our growing health crisis. With its gentle strength, Tai Chi moves us closer to feeling more alive and gives us the ability to realize our greater human potential.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi’s gentle, non-jarring movements support bodily functions in three basic ways:

Tai Chi trains the major ligaments that serve as the springs of the body. Anatomically, the human body is kept upright by ligaments, not bones, as is commonly believed. Ligaments are also critical in keeping your internal organs from impinging on each other and thereby downgrading their functions.

Tai Chi tones the muscles.

Tai Chi trains biomechanical alignments, which enables the bones and internal organs to withstand the forces of gravity that pull on all the other parts of your anatomy attached to them.

Please come to class in Comfortable clothing you can move in