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How does it work?


Cupping is used in opening up the meridians in the body, which are the channels through which energy flows in the body. Traditional cupping uses heat to get results, and now a new method uses a cold suction technique. Modern cupping techniques use glass or plastic cups that use a one-way valve. The cups are placed on the body as pumps draw air out through the valves, and the glass cups allow the acupuncturist to determine the force of the suction. By leaving the cup in place for a few minutes, a blood stasis is formed and healing is localized to that area.

Cupping is safe for children and can be used as treatment for common ailments such as a cold.



Explore the Benefits of Chinese Cupping.


Are you looking for a natural remedy and preventative measure of care? Chinese cupping is an extremely effective method that has proven to be a viable solution to remedy pain in the body, whether newly acquired or chronic.



What will it do for me?


Cupping is often used to rid the body of pain created by a lack of blood flow, and it takes things away by removing toxins and other harmful pathogens from the body.

It can release toxins from the skin and improve varicose veins, and is also used to open up airways in asthmatics and improve digestion.